The unexpected

When planning my trip to Europe I had four destinations in mind. But when I arrived, the temptation to travel to other cities was too strong, because of the cheap transfers, great company and close geographical location. Prague soon became a destination on my places I must visit in Europe and was one of my favourites. The shopping, the people, the language and the amazing culture made it one of my favourite places to travel to and certainly one I will be returning to again. 

The happiest place on Earth

Dubai has always been my happy place. I have never been one to travel to the same place twice, or have the desire to. But Dubai is the one destination that I have always wanted to go back to. The people are full of life, all withholding the desire to go home and spend each and every moment doing what makes them happy. The options for entertainment are endless. The creativity, the spirit, the air (always at least 5 degrees too hot) of excitement and awe. It’s Disneyland for adults. It’s a place where you will always find something entertaining to do and somewhere exciting to go. It’s my happy place, and somewhere I can’t wait to continue to travel to again and again and again.